Mocha FTP Server

Mocha FTP Server 1.0

Install an FTP server on your PDA


  • Several visualisation options
  • Easy-to-access commands


  • Transfers can be slow


An FTP server provides you with a great means of storing all your data to access online or sharing it with others. Installing one on your mobile device proves to be even more useful, as it lets you get to your PDA from any computer in the World using only a web browser.

All you need in order to set it up is to rig up your device to your PC, activate the server and introduce the web address into your browser. Although file transfer times can be slow, Mocha FTP Server contains a number of easy-to-access tools, including all the functions needed to start or to stop the servant, to visualize activity logs, to view the window in the background and to change the aspect (portrait or landscape).

All in all, a great way to export your data to the web without any fuss.

Mocha FTP Server gives an easy way to copy files to/from a PDA running Windows Mobile or Pocket PC 200x. It supports the standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) features found in most web browsers and FTP client applications. If the PDA has IP address, use following URL in Internet Explorer: FTP:// and IE will then give access to all the files on the PDA.

Program highlights:

  • Supports all standard FTP commands
  • PASV command. The client will make the data connection (needed with firewalls)
  • Portrait/landscape mode
  • Anonymous login
  • Real-time monitoring of users and commands
  • 9 different users with password protection
  • 25 active sessions
  • Different access rights for users (read only mode)
  • Security timer, which will close inactive sessions

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Mocha FTP Server


Mocha FTP Server 1.0

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